Valtur is the leading Mediterranean resort operator


Established in 1964, Valtur currently operates 24 resorts (16 seaside and 8 mountain) across Italy and Croatia, and has partnership agreements for a further 6 resorts, enhancing its offering in the Mediterranean region.

Valtur, headquartered in Milan, created the all-inclusive model "holiday village" in Italy with resorts in Ostuni and Capo Rizzuto. Valtur currently employs an asset-light business model with three owned resorts and the remaining operated through long-term rental agreements with local owners.

The Group’s main distribution channels include (i) offline indirect through a network of travel agencies and tour operators, and (ii) direct online through the company website. Valtur has a stable and loyal customer base in Italy leveraging its well-known Valtur brand to a fast-growing but only recently created international customer base in several European countries: UK, Germany, Poland, Czech Republic and Russia amongst others. Further information is available at


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