Our values

Investindustrial aims to build better companies

Mission Statement

  • To maximise returns for our investors in a manner that reflects our Firm values.

  • To pursue a sustainable, industrially-driven strategy to build better companies for the long-term.
  • To work relentlessly towards leaving no trace (environmentally) whilst leaving a positive mark (socially).

Firm Values


The most important asset is our people and the experiences we accumulate as a team.


Strong and supportive relationships, whether with our managers, investors, team or our broader community, form the bedrock for our success.

Entrepreneurial mindset

Ambitious targets coupled with our hands-on, industrially-driven approach reflect our innate entrepreneurial spirit.


Respecting the environment in which we operate and the people who we impact is more than just being a good corporate citizen, it is central to running best-in-class businesses.