Health Transportation Group (HTG) is the largest provider of outsourced mission-critical ambulance services in Spain and the number two in Europe.

HTG services in operation


With a total fleet of approximately 2,800 vehicles and 6,200 employees, HTG provides emergency and scheduled patient transportation services for regional governments under a portfolio of more than 50 long-term concessions ranging from 4 to 10 years (over 90% of the company’s total sales) as well as for private customers predominantly in Spain and the UK.

HTG is leader in patient transportation, with the fleet equipped with modern dispatching, communications and tracking technology, and manned by trained personnel. The company handles all stages of the process: call handling, resource planning, staff training, scheduling and delivery of emergency, urgent and non-emergency patient transport services. Working in partnership with a wide range of public entities, trusts, hospitals and private clinics mainly in Spain and the UK, the company has considerable experience of developing patient centred frameworks that deliver service excellence.

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