Sustainability Strategy & Objectives

Investindustrial’s ambitious 2030 Sustainability Strategy is key to long-term financial value creation. It builds on the Firm’s mission statement and values, and seeks to strengthen aspects of sustainability at a Firm level, through investment in portfolio companies and through Investindustrial’s Foundations.

In 2022, Investindustrial undertook a process to review and refresh its sustainability strategy, which was first developed in 2016. Whilst many of the original objectives were still relevant and on-going given the natural turnover of companies in the portfolio, the timeframe for meeting certain objectives had expired and it was time to look ahead at what the next eight years should hold, working towards 2030.

A materiality assessment was undertaken to ensure that sustainability issues were given appropriate prioritisation based on their relative importance to Investindustrial and to its key stakeholders. The materiality assessment was based on the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) Materiality Principle as well as continual dialogue with investors. Competitor benchmarking was undertaken alongside a review of each of the portfolio companies own sustainability reports and their identified material topics, and consideration of issues facing the industry. A series of internal strategy workshops were held with senior management to develop a strategic purpose and strategy pillars with associated objectives, targets and initiatives.

Investindustrial will continue to review and update its material sustainability issues alongside its sustainability strategy at least annually as the portfolio and nature of issues are subject to change. In addition to its strategy, each portfolio company sets medium to long-term sustainability objectives and targets that are unique to their business and to maximise value creation. These company-specific objectives and targets are typically included within each portfolio company's own sustainability report.