Stroili Oro

The leading Italian brand in affordable jewellery

The testimonial for the new advertising campaign of Stroili Oro


Stroili Oro is the leading Italian brand in affordable jewellery. Stroili Oro sells its products through approximately 380 directly operated stores (DOS) and 800 wholesale outlets in Italy, Germany, Spain, China, Russia and Middle East located within shopping malls, department stores and city centres. In addition Stroili Oro is present in major airline catalogues such as Qantas, KLM, Emirates and Etihad. In Italy, Stroili Oro is the market leader in terms of direct points of sales and turnover with strong brand awareness. Stroili Oro is headquartered near Udine, Northeast Italy.

Maurizio Merenda, CEO Stroili Oro

“The strong partnership with Investindustrial has allowed Stroili Oro to significantly strengthen the potential of the brand. The Group is supporting the company to expand its domestic and international network, diversify product offering, increase market share and profitability and capture global growth opportunities.”

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