We focus on delivering results by working collectively, pushing for change, societal progress and positive impact through the effective deployment of capital.

Investindustrial believes that incorporating sustainability considerations into its business decisions is essential to creating value for its stakeholders and that commerce can and should be used as a force for good as well as profit.
The Firm’s approach to sustainability is designed to enhance financial returns through improved efficiencies and to create significant commercial benefits for its portfolio companies, as well as improving the valuation of these businesses.

With a vision of creating enduring value for our portfolio companies, their stakeholders and investors, we work closely with the management of our portfolio companies to build a more sustainable future.

We have made a dedicated effort to increase research and development spending, to invest in education and training for our employees, to implement an ethical set of policies and procedures across our portfolio companies, and to develop plans that take environmental and social matters into consideration.

We strongly believe that a long-term value creation strategy must incorporate the principles of sustainability.