Targa Telematics

Leading Italian operator in telematics solutions

Targa Telematics is the leading Italian player in the telematics and mobility space. The company offers a broad range of software solutions such as asset and fleet management, insurance telematics, diagnostics and remote telemetry, to short and long-term rental companies, leasing and insurance operators and large fleet managers:

•Fleet and Asset Management (60% of sales): allowing value preservation for vehicle owners and fleet optimisation solutions;

•InsurTech: enabling insurers to provide innovative products that prevent risk and reduce insurance premiums;

•Open Mobility Platform: platform based on Targa’s core solutions, enabling mobility operators to build unique offerings improving profitability; and

•Other IoT Solutions and Smart Mobility: assessing location information, maintenance needs, and operational data through various integrated technologies as well as mobility solutions focused on optimising usage of car and bike sharing.

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