• Design Holding

    Investindustrial led the consolidation of the high-end design market bringing together a collection of powerful and complementary brands to create Design (...)

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  • Jacuzzi

    Global manufacturer of premium spas, swim spas, whirlpool, soaker and walk-in bathtubs and related bathroom products and accessoriesthe

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  • Ceme

    CEME is a leading manufacturer of high and low pressure pumps, brass and plastic valves, pressure switches and flow meters which enable controlling the (...)

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  • Lifebrain

    lifebrain is a leader in the routine and specialty laboratory testing business. The company operates approximately 220 laboratories in Italy, performing (...)

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  • Ducati

    Ducati is a leading manufacturer of sports and performance motorcycles. The company sells motor- cycles throughout the world and operates a global network (...)

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  • Avincis

    Avincis is the world’s largest provider of emergency and mission critical aerial services contracted on a long-term basis with public administrations.(...)

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  • Euskaltel

    Euskaltel is the leading telecommunications provider and sole cable operator in the Basque Region, Spain’s richest and most economically stable region (...)

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  • Permasteelisa

    Permasteelisa is the world’s largest player in the engineering, manufacturing and installation of architectural envelopes (“curtain walls”). The company (...)

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  • Valtur

    Valtur is the leading Mediterranean resort operator

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We care about helping people to achieve a better quality of life by offering tangible opportunities. Our commitment towards environmental, social and corporate governance issues (ESG) is strong and hands-on. In recognition of our efforts, Investindustrial is Certified B Corporation™. MORE DETAILS


Investindustrial published the 2020 annual report and sustainability report. MORE DETAILS