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References to names of portfolio companies are intended to be made, where the context requires, to the applicable holding company/subsidiary of the relevant Fund. The terms “Group”, “Firm”, “Investindustrial”, “Our”, “We”, “Us”, “Portfolio Company”, “Team”, “Professionals”, “Partner”, “Principal”, “Senior Partner” and “Senior Principal” (or any other applicable professional title) in this document have been used only for practical ease of reading and do not intend to imply any specific reference to an entity or a legal definition of any activity of control by any company with respect to other companies. Terms such as “control”, “ownership” and their synonyms are also used for case of reference and illustrative purposes only and may not imply, from a juridical perspective, full or partial control of certain companies due to limitations by any shareholders’ agreements, co-investment vetoes and other third party rights, management stock option and any other incentive scheme. In addition, shares in portfolio companies are held by the applicable investment and/or holding company of the relevant fund and rights over such shares are exercised by the board of directors of the investment and/or holding company in an independent manner. References to “Lugano” or “Switzerland”, “Barcelona” or “Spain”, “London” or “the UK”, “Luxembourg”, “Shanghai” or “China” and “New York” or “the USA” when used in the context of Investindustrial’s activities (whether together with the words “team” or “office”) are intended to refer to the respective independently managed advisory or investment companies as applicable.