Investors’ Link & Internet

  • Users of the Investindustrial “Investors” web-site are required to identify and authenticate themselves prior to accessing its services. Please remember that your ID and password are personal to you and should not be made available to any other person. Also, you should discontinue their use and notify us if you have any reason to suspect that someone else may be using them.
  • The “Investors” web-site is administered by IntraLinks®: please refer to the Intralinks’ legal disclaimer and privacy policy for more information about treatment of your data, access and computer security.
  • In general, please beware of fraudulent e-mails and web-sites and protect your computer: 
  • E-mail that appears to be from a friend or company you do business with may be fraudulent and designed to trick you into providing personal information about yourself or installing dangerous software. 
  • Do not respond to e-mails or pop-up messages that solicit personal and confidential information such as name, address, IDs, passwords
  • Only access trusted web sites that you found other than by clicking on a web site address in an e-mail and then added to your browser’s bookmarks. 
  • If you receive an e-mail from Investindustrial you are uncertain about, or which you believe to be fraudulent, please forward it to Investindustrial will investigate the e-mail and respond back to you. 
  • Follow best practices to secure your personal computer: install antivirus and anti-spyware software; install a firewall between your computer and the Internet.