Responsible Investing

Integrated Approach to Responsible Investing

Having an established track record of responsible investing, Investindustrial adheres to independent, universally recognised, frameworks to inform the approach to investment decisions.

Investindustrial has an extensive history in responsible investing. The Firm is proud of the milestones it has achieved and continues to prioritise ESG and sustainability throughout the investment cycle. Incorporating ESG and sustainability considerations into business decisions is essential to create long-term value and to develop a sustainable strategy for Investindustrial’s portfolio companies. 

In 2008, Investindustrial was the first private equity operator with a focus on Southern Europe to become a signatory to the UN Global Compact, thus making a commitment to doing business responsibly by aligning company strategies and operations with the UN Global Compact Ten Principles on human rights, labour, environment and anti-corruption. Each one of Investindustrial’s portfolio companies are advised to become signatories or participants within the first three years post acquisition.

In 2009, Investindustrial became a signatory to the Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI) and continues to fully support this agenda, consistently scoring well in the annual PRI assessment.

Investindustrial follows a systematic approach to incorporating sustainability throughout the full deal cycle, from pre-investment activities through the post-investment holding period and exit.

Investindustrial’s Sustainability Team works closely with the Advisory Teams to support in pre-investment and exit activities, and with the portfolio companies on sustainability matters in the post-investment holding period.