Global leading producer of large-size ceramic performance surfaces

Examples of Neolith product applications


Neolith was founded in 2009 by Jesus Esteve and his brother Jose Luis (founders and owners) who were previously the successful owners of a natural stone company focused on kitchens which was created by their father. The founders have a strong understanding of the potential that technical surfaces such as Neolith have to replace traditional materials in a variety of everyday applications, and the route-to-market for their products.

Neolith is a leading player in the technical sintered stone sector, which is the fastest growing segment of stone performance surfaces, and with a size of 1.8 million sqm sold in 2018.

The highly functional material is created from 100% natural raw materials that are subjected to high temperatures and pressures to create a material with unique technical characteristics (high and low temperature resistant, durability, pressure and weight resistant, easy to clean and hygienic). As a result, the Neolith material can be created in a variety of textures and thicknesses (3mm, 6mm, 12mm and 20mm), allowing it to serve multiple end-markets: high-end kitchens, bathrooms, furniture, flooring, wall claddings and facades.

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